The British Comparative Literature Association (BCLA), founded in 1975, aims to promote the scholarly study of literature without confinement to national and linguistic boundaries, and in relation to other disciplines. The BCLA’s primary interests are in literature, the contexts of literature and the interaction between literatures.

Through its regular publications, its conferences and other activities the BCLA:

  • encourages research along comparative, intercultural and interdisciplinary lines, as well as in the fields of general literary studies and literary theory,
  • fosters the exchange and renewal of critical ideas and concepts,
  • keeps its members informed about national and international developments in the study of literature,
  • provides a forum for personal and institutional academic contacts, both within Britain and with associations and individuals in other countries.

The BCLA is a member organisation of the International Comparative Literature Association and a member of the European Network for Comparative Literary Studies. For more information see the Constitution of the BCLA.